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Thread: Site RULES (revised)

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    REMINDER: Please use the SEARCH button to help you find what you are looking for...Chances are if you're having problems with it, someone has before and it's been answered. If you can't find your answer, then post your question in the appropriate section.

    RULES (revised)

    NO discussion of the decryption of the Canadian satellite (B E L L E X P R E S S V U , B 3 V, B E V, B e v e r l e y, "northern provider", "other provider", {N i m i q 1 & 2, 9 1 or 8 2} or STAR CHOICE, etc.) signals.
    We all know what birds you can get with the FTA's and now with some other fixes now. We have NO control of what any FTA flash may contain as to what it allows due to being beyond our control, but we cannot allow the discussion of it...PERIOD. Please remove any mention of (*** or SC) in thread titles and message body. THIS IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE AS WE'VE HAD THIS RULE WAY TOO LONG FOR PEOPLE TO BE VIOLATING IT! Those that choose to ignore this request will be BANNED!

    NO LIVE or Other LINKS:

    (a) No links to other sites unless approved by mods/admins. You must uncheck "Automatically Parse Links" or simply put an (/) in front of the url
    (b) No links to other sites in your signature line or avatar.
    (c) No advertising links of any kind
    (d) Youtube video links are allowed (the site software will automatically embed the video from the link into your post.

    NO Thread Jacking!
    If you have a question, we want you to ask it. That's what the forums are for. Create your own thread in the appropriate forum unless it pertains to what has already been asked.

    NO Flaming or Bashing Policy.
    (a) Flaming of Mods/Admins at this site is an instant BAN.
    (b) dssRookie is not a home base for ANY manufacturer. We support all brands. Therefore we will no longer tolerate the outright bashing that has currently been going on here and have adopted the following policy: (c)
    (c) NO Bashing, Flaming, Harassing, Bothering, Talking down to, or Threatening this site, its members, sponsors, Visiting Admins/Mods from other Forums, manufactures or their Representatives, as well as 3rd party software coders such as BL (Blacklist), Norw-Group, or any others.
    These posts/replies will be deleted without notice. If we find you are a repeat offender, you WILL be banned. I also do not need complaints from any other forums and their Admins, therefore do not disrespect other forums. Do NOT let DN divide the testing community. That is what they want.

    NO Advertising & Spamming
    This includes not mentioning vendors or websites other than our sponsors, with the exception of the SCAMmers section. (This is also inclusive of Private Messages)
    It's been brought to our attention that some folks are logging in here and spamming our members with spamming PM's. This will not be tolerated by the staff here at DSSROOKIE. Any member found doing this will be banned from the site for good. We would like to ask that any member receiving any of these spamming PM's to forward it to a staff member to be reviewed and action taken.

    The staff do not support these types of actions and we are truly sorry for anyone that has received such a PM.

    NO Warez of any kind.
    This includes but is not limited to Keygens, Serials, Cracks, Warez Links

    NO Support PM'S sent to mods.
    Such PMs will be deleted. Do NOT send support related questions of the MODs. That's what the forums are for.

    NO posting of peoples personal information (including your own).

    NO Buying or Selling (Banning offence without warning)
    "No Buying and Selling" also applies to activity by PM (Private Message). We cannot control what goes on via PM, so by the same token, we cannot rectify any problems that happens between parties that choose to do so. We will NOT even try to solve your illegal purchase/sale. Both the buyer and seller have NO rights here. If you break a rule by buying through PM, you best keep it quiet no matter of being ripped off or not. You broke a will be banned and the seller will be banned.

    No Porn of any kind is to be posted in the general open forums.
    (posting soft porn pictures ONLY in the VIP Members section *is* allowed)
    The porn section was removed over a year ago for a reason. Avatars must not have exposed privates or see-through clothes. Questionable attachments, avatars, and signatures will be deleted without notice and can result in a member being warned or banned. Contributing VIP members may see and post adult content in the VIP forums.

    NO IP scripts in posts or signatures.
    We know they are harmless, but they make some members uncomfortable.

    Cut and Paste (C&P) Policy
    a) Please do NOT C&P (copy and paste) spam emails on the forums.
    SCAM mail is getting out of hand. seems those who post it don't read what's what is going on in the dss testing world. Just try will know. NO major fix will ever come your way through unsolicited emails.

    b) Because of the continuous mis-representation of facts, the spreading of unsubstantiated rumors, and downright lies, dssRookie will no longer allow Cut and Paste's (C&P's) from other sites to be posted here. We will know when one of the coders or Reps post something at their home sites and we can get the info first hand and know that it is comfirmed. Anything of any importance will be edited in the FTA Status Report. Lets face it, many of us are members at many sites. There are more false rumors that are Cut and Pasted here from other sites, than we have members to read them. This vicious gossip fuels and already out-of-control firestorm of lies and deceit. I also noticed that some of these C&P's had live links to other sites, which also is prohibited here (see Rule #2).

    c) Exception to this rule is if the C&P is directly from a coder;

    Any C&P's will be deleted by the Moderators, and the member will be duly noted and warned. Further posts will result in that member being Banned.

    Please post in the CORRECT forum.
    To keep everything organized, please post in the correct forums be it a file or a question (discussion), if you are unsure of where to post, post in the open forum and someone will assist you.

    No discussion in the FILES section.
    There has been a lot of question/problem threads being posted in the files sections. This creates way too much work for Mods. Some folks just do not seem to comprehend the posting in the correct forum rule (#13). If you post questions or comments in the files area, your post may be moved or deleted at the discretion of the Mods. Repeated offences will cause the offender to be put in the readers club. We MODs discussed it and decided that 1st offence, 3-days, 2nd offence 7-days, 3rd offence 30-days is a fair guideline. "Use files posted here at your own risk" We do not make them, we just post them to make it available to you.

    Posting of FILES:
    Do NOT put "New bin" or the likes as a thread title. it is only new for a day and may be updated the next day. The following will assist members as well as Mods.

    (a) Put actual file name in thread title (ie) X-75BL_051109_244cE_api (2500)
    (b) Give a description and any instructions as well as release date in the message area of the post.
    (c) Do NOT rename the file attachment
    (d) Post the file in the correct file forum.
    (e) Absolutetly NO files are to be uploaded here that come from dssftp
    (f)Make sure the files are safe and will do NO HARM to anyone's hardware. If you think it's safe but haven't tested it, put "not tested, use at own risk" into the body of your post. If you post a file that damages ANY hardware, you will be banned for 30, 60 then 180 days. Please keep the files here safe and tested.
    (g) Do NOT post links in the files section. It's a files section not a links section. This does not apply to the Dreambox section.
    (h) Files are now "Moderated", when you post a file, it will sit until a Moderator approves it, then it will be released to the Files sections

    Multiple or Double Posting:
    Please do not double or multi post the same question in the same or different forums. Not only is it annoying to everyone, but it is hard for people to follow your progress. Multiple posts will be deleted and you will be warned.

    If you break the rules you may be BANNED without warning so be sure you have read over these.

    Changing of Usernames/UserIDs:

    You chose a username, so generally speaking that is what you get. In some circumstances we WILL change your username at your request. If your username is your REAL NAME or your EMAIL ADDRESS, we will change your username for you. All others, sorry, but if you get the OK from a MOD, you can re-register under a new name, understanding that your tenure and your post counts will have been lost.

    RULE # 18
    PRIVATE or PAY server discussions

    Threads/posts discussing the use of PRIVATE or PAY servers will not be permitted except in the VIP Members area of the site.

    A PRIVATE server will be considered one which is operated PRIVATELY. These servers are PRIVATE and are only open to those who are invited via a PRIVATE invitation.

    A PAY server is one such as the current "NFPS", (NFusion "Private" SERVER), which is NOT private but is open to anyone who wishes to pay for access to the server. These servers advertise their existence on the open internet and have their own pay sites you can sign up at.

    NO ADVERTISING of any SERVER is allowed here. Factual content ONLY!

    Rules of the IKS VIP Member forums:

    1. No Pricing allowed.
    2. No posting of links(or redirecting members to another support site).
    3. No using of your profile or visitors messages to advertise your ps
    4. All dealings must be done by PM or Visitor Message but must be initiated by the member interested in your PayServer

    ANYONE posting PRIVATE info including IP addresses/URL's etc of a PRIVATE or PAY server will have the info deleted IMMEDIATELY and may be banned without notice.

    If you break the rules you may be BANNED without warning so be sure you have read over these.


    The max avatar size is set to 5 kb. I know you guys have made some real cool avatars but is using up way to much bandwidth. VIP members who donated have a larger avatar allowance.


    Only VIP members (members who donated) will be allowed to have signatures. If you put any graphics in your signature, make sure it's size is under 10 kb. I know you guys have made some real cool signatures but again, it is using up way to much bandwidth.
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    Pay close attention to Rules 1, 4, 12, 14 and signature. There have been some revisions, and they will be enforced starting now.
    Do NOT PM the MODs and ADMINs for support! Post ALL Support questions in the forums

    Support questions in PMs will NOT be answered!

    Do NOT make me install an elevator with only a BASEMENT button in your outhouse.

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    Rule #17 added... When do we allow username changes?
    Do NOT PM the MODs and ADMINs for support! Post ALL Support questions in the forums for all members to benefit. Support questions in PMs will NOT be answered!

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    Added info about youtube links in rule #2
    From my cold dead hand!


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    Rule # 18

    NEW rule added.
    If this post helped you then hit the THANKS button or donate to DSSRookie


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    Rule #18 Modified

    Rule #18 Modified to allow discussion of IKS Servers in the VIP Members Section...
    Do NOT PM the MODs and ADMINs for support! Post ALL Support questions in the forums for all members to benefit. Support questions in PMs will NOT be answered!

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