Fail to Read Mac Address Fix on Ihub (Premier, Elite)

We will try to fix all of yours, so far this method worked very good

Files you will be needing for this process.

1. BIN factory (syscleanfile) Use the one it correspond to your receiver model [Premier & Elite]
2. BIN (263 & 264) For Premier and BIN (230 & 231) for Elite.
3. BIN (411 premier) & BIN (411 elite).
4. BIN (420 premier) & BIN (417 elite).
5. Loader (v2.01). You can use same Loader for Premier and Elite.
6. Null Cable. (You will need to load files using the loader).
7. USB (pendrive) available.

Files for iHub

1. BIN Files 1.9 y 2.2
2. Install wiznet (3.01) on your pc.

Step by Step 1. Use the (usb pendrive) and install the file (syscleanfile) the one that correspond to the model receiver you have.(hard boot).
2. Install by USB file (263p) or (230e) depends what model you have. [p=premier e=elite]
3. Go to IP Config. and verify the (serial #) from ihub, if is correct just leave that alone. if is incorrect and need to change please add to serial number all (0) and apply. (verify 2 times to make sure changes have been made).
4. Using your PC, open Wiznet and install file (1.9) to ihub.
5. Install one more time using the usb BIN (syscleanfile) to receiver.
6. Turn off your receiver from the back and remove your ihub.
7. Connect the null cable from the port (rs232)
8. Open Loader at your PC (2.01) and upload file (264p) o (231e) depending on your receiver model, start the process with receiver still off from the back
9. When is ready then turn on the back switch and it will start loading the file.
10. Just make sure (dn01) shows on the display, if not repeat process.
11. Wait few mins until is done ( DO NOT INTERRUPT).
12. Wait for the receiver to flash the file, when you see the time on the display flashing is done..
13. Remove the NULL Cable and connect the ihub to receiver.
14. Using the usb upload file (411) depends on the receiver model you have
15. Check for any channels that are mostly up like 105 for sample and turn to that channel, when on that channel (hard boot) receiver from the back switch and wait to see message (network adapter connected) wait for few mins until you get video.
16. If you get to see tv then we are good until now.
17. If not verify if server is up or down

Note; if the mac address from the ihub is deleted or changed you will follow next steps

1. Using your USB you will install file (420p) o (417e) depending of what receiver model you have
2. Open Wiznet from your PC and install to ihub (v2.2).
3. (hard boot) to receiver and wait for it to come back up. If it does come back up the ERROR (fail to get serial to server) is solve and fix.

Good luck to all

Thanks goes to

Jboricua as the creator and El Intocable to translate document

Happy testing,