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Thread: COM 1 communication port problem

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    COM 1 communication port problem

    Hi I hope someone in this forum can help with my problem. I'm trying to go into my Device Manager to see if my COM1 communication prot is truely on COM1. I get into my Device manager and hit COM1 port Then try to go to advance tab when I do that an window pops up with a red X on it and says that I need written permission from the administrator to make these changes or something similar to that. Can I by pass that somehow?
    2. I have down loaded a file and when I opened it I went a saved it into microsoft word and I should have saved it into notepad. I deleted it off everything but when I try to download the original file again it comes out as microsoft word with my changes that I made not the original document. How can I go back to original document with out my changes?

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    download it and then click open with.... as to the com port i cant help you there
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    See if you can right click/properties/ run as administrator.
    What operating system are you rocking?
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    It sounds like when you originally opened it you clicked always use
    and this is what is associated with that ext. and opens it.
    Easy fix, just remove or change the association under properties.
    With Windows explorer open just click VIEW, folder options, then the type
    of file you want to change what opens it.
    You can also use Oly's method and THEN click always open with under the correct prg.
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