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Thread: DVD Region Free Player with USB.

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    DVD Region Free Player with USB.

    Hi All
    I am tired of burning movies to DVD's. Hoping to get away from burning them by just putting them on a USB Flash Drive and watching them from that.
    The player must be region free.
    Does anyone have any experience with this?
    I know movie's come in many different formats.
    I still have an older style TV. (CRT)

    Any help is very much appreciated.

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    If you Google region free DVD players // dvd region free codes you can find lots of info...
    Many sites have the codes or buttons to push to make them region free, The links are on my other PC so not handy.

    At one time I looked into it and found it a waste of time. When you RIP a DVD from lets say DVDFAB you remove the region codes.
    Last weekend I got 7 apple boxes full of DVD going back 10 years and current movies... Like 600 DVD's....LOL for $125.
    Guy lost his home due to foreclosure and was selling all off. So now gotta build a few wall cases to hold them all....LMAO
    So now my collection is like 2000-3000 DVD's and to heck with ripping!

    If you decide to RIP you will loose quality with compression and with each movie 7gb or compressed to 4gb that is a lot of
    drive, and time......
    going to AVI or even 264 is not worth it.
    Also a flash drive won't hold many movies.... BAD Choice!
    even a 1-2tb Sata drive will fill up fast!
    Yea I got 6 of them filled from my 722's and most are not HD!
    Good Luck!
    BTW..... DVD Fab will do anything you want and remove copy protection and region!

    VLC media player is one I use most....

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