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Thread: plastic hack??

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    I just read, Thread is getting old, Time for new R's/BS. By the way, I didn"t vote, A few States Elected Pres and VP.I have only one gift on my list bin for nag 3,4 and 5. Happy Holidays.

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    hi again!
    just checking in after a while away, surprised to see that my topic is still #1 in the Rumours and BS section. LOL
    errrrrr a few quick replies.....
    #1. To those who say, "You don't know bout the hack cuz you ain't in the inside".......tell it to my friends who lost everything they own, who are on the lam. pfft
    #2. To Stinkygirl. TY. You rule & get it. I would ask though, why do you stink? In a good way, I am sure!
    #3. To Hedo: The reason the docs are able to "see" the plaque in your veins—sorry to hear that btw—is centuries of TESTING via the scientific method. It has been tested again and again to prove that such a thing exists. The evidence is irrefutable.
    #4. Which is not the case with the plastic hack, which has no evidence, at all. To say the least.
    #5. You know I wouldn't bother carrying on with this except for: the arrogance or delusion of those who claim there is (coupled with a total lack of proof) and the true history of the hobby, which we all strive to maintain, which should rightly conclude with, THERE WAS NO PLASTIC HACK FOR N3.
    In all other regards, keep up the good work!

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    Well it's NOT #1 and now closed as the answer was given and we don't really care if you don't believe it or not.
    Those who do have it is all that matters,,, BYE !
    I don't have it, as I sub but DO KNOW those who do....
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    Gee and just when I thought everyone forgot about me I find this joy full thread. LMAO Glad I came out of semi retirement. LOL

    All I can say to trump33 is the same that I have always said to him and others like him "those that do - do and those that don't - don't" end of story.
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