They can help me I have a linksys wrt 54 gv 6 i micompa; ia of Internet a modem has motorola what step was that I have another linksys wrt 54 g v8 I put aconfigurar on the wrt 54 g v6 with the same ip of other one use for the 2 since not wise this suoe after gives; or friends in full configuaracion I penetrate the linksys wrt 54 g v6 and still has me with the light of power flushed and cannot haser anything and agreement all the guides and not 30 30 30 at all reset and at all friends the light continues blinking and I have the tftp for the flacheo and at all friends a question devido to what I go on I have to put the work rvert to the linksys and another bin again thank you tod helps friends.