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Thread: yagi cantenna with a repeater

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    yagi cantenna with a repeater

    hello everyone i got some questions and really hope you can help a fellow rookie out on this. i have a yagi cantenna with a hawking booster and want to get a wifi repeater problem is most repeaters have 2 or more removeable antennas do i need a repeater with just one antenna do i have to buy 2 cantennas.any and all help here i am pulling my hair out thanks

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    I never messed with a repeater so someone else will have to talk about that. How far are you trying to send your signal? There are antennas that are good for 10 miles so why the need for a repeater?
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    i want to use my cousins wifi 400 feet away and yes he knows...i was told if i use a repeater i can use wireless wifi in my whole house kinda like a wireless router

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    dont know a darn thing about it but typed in a google search on long range wifi and a whole bunch of neat stuff came up
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    I have used BOTH the 2' Yagi's and a 2' dia dish and both work fine for LONG Distance with NO TREES or obstructions.

    Got a neighbor who asked and gave him permission and worked fine, Distance was like 800' or more with nothing but trees scattered in line.

    Fir and Pine trees and Mountain Oaks. When the Oaks were full of leaves it did cut the signal down so he got a slot antenna
    and this was fine. Now when it is super hot or for some reason the signal would dip to about a 1/4 of what it was and then go back up when it cooled down.

    BOTH sides must have a good antenna to get long range.

    Also I would suggest MAC Filtering and NO WEP or other encryption as this really slows the transmission speed down
    MAC filtering will show OPEN for the nosy lookers but they will NOT GET IN.
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    i dont know if anyone is interested or not but i got the info for the question i asked and it does work thank you everyone here at rookie for your help your friend snyper1230 here it is.......For a DD-WRT router you can configure it to use only one antenna port for both TX and RX so only 1 yagi is necessary, however you can also use with two which may provide slightly better range.

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