Donít throw out the kiwi fruit in Vancouver

10 years ago I planted a male and female kiwi plant beside the west side cedar fence I erected. Every year there are a lots of kiwi fruits about 1/3 the size of the store bought variety. When the snow comes they were still small and hard as a rock. Disappointed I will throw them in the compost r just left them on the vine and forget about them. Mysteriously they were all gone the next season. I even pruned them back to the soil one year because it just got too big. They grow back with a vengeance and now the whole west side fence is covered with kiwi vines, thick and strong vines. It kind of grows on me and I begin appreciate their life force and secured them neatly and blend them into the landscape. Late October I pick off a half dozen fruits and throw them in the fruit basket in the Living room for decoration. To my surprise yesterday they were nice and ripe. I ate them. They tasted even better than the ones from the store, though they were only half in size. Did I make a mistake before and donít let them ripen indoors or is there really truth in global warming and Vancouver has become warmer and moved from zone 7 to zone 8 and climbing. Now I looked at the 2 big pots that has the Paw Paw and macadamia seeds planted and see a better hope for them when they germinated and ready for transplanting the coming spring.