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Thread: new alternative to noi

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    new alternative to noi

    ok was surfin around and found this on another site have tried it out and it works good only 1 server at a time but works very good
    all credit goes to original poster W30

    IKS4SUNS my own substitute to N.O.I.

    Simple curiosity was de driving force behind IKS4SUNS, yet if one day, for whatever reason
    N.O.I. becomes legacy here it is; call it a second choice, alternative or substitute at
    any rate this is my own version of N.O.I., if somebody like to give it a try please let
    me know your comments. (by the way, I believe IKS4SUN to be more stable than NOI),


    If you are running NOI your equipment setup is already done and may be used as is, if not:

    1. Configure all equipment, options and settings the same way as required
    for N.O.I. (router, network, TCP/Ipv4, DNS, NFusion HD, etc.).

    2. Copy the IKS4SUNS.rar file to a folder of your choice
    (a new/empty folder is recommended).

    3. Extract all files (IKS4SUNS.exe, IKS4SUNS_Library.dll and
    readme.txt) to the folder you just created.

    4. On the desktop, make a shortcut to IKS4SUNS.exe

    5. Double click on the shortcut to start IKS4SUNS.

    6. Select STB 1, 2, 3 or 4 and fill the same information as for N.O.I.
    Additionally fill the network IP address assigned to each STB.
    IKS4SUNS need this IP address to send/receive data to/from the correct STB.

    • USER: as provided by the P$, no spaces.
    • PASSWORD: as provided by the P$, no spaces.
    • PROVIDER IP OR NAME: a valid server's IP or server's name
    • PORT: the port number as provided by the P$
    • DES KEY: as provided by the P$ and separated by “:” as in:
    • STB IP: the network's IP address of your NFusion box

    7. Press the “Save” button to save the info to the configuration file.

    8. Put a check mark on the “enable STB” option.
    If left unchecked no key will be send to the STB.

    9. Press the “Start” button.

    10. As with N.O.I. UDP and TCP ports are used to communicate to/from the
    provider and STB, your fire wall may ask you to allow it.

    Status lights:
    STB: Red > Stb (Nfusion) enabled.
    TCP Conn: Green > IKS4SUNS is connected to the server.
    TCP Tx: Green > IKS4SUNS is sending data to the server.
    TCP Rx: Green > IKS4SUNS is receiving data from the server.
    UCP Tx: Green > IKS4SUNS is sending data to the STB.
    TCP Rx: Green > IKS4SUNS is receiving data from the STB.
    All lights: Red > Server is down (IKS4SUNS will try to reconnect every 15 seconds).
    All lights: Green > IKS4SUNS is logging to server.

    • Although designed to handle up to 4 STBs until all testing is done,
    only one is enabled.

    • The configuration and Log file(s) will be saved in the same folder
    from which IKS4SUNS was started from.

    • was used to write the code for IKS4SUNS and compiled as a
    32 bit Windows Forms Application using .NET Framework 4.

    • This program has LIMITED defense capabilities against user’s aberrations (error handling).
    • Murphy’s law DOES APPLY.

    Now, now, I can see all the C, C++, C# gurus and the like making repulsive faces and
    sticking their tongues out in disgust:

    ...THIS is what I have to say to y’all:

    “Yeeeaaahhhhhh,,,, VeeeBeee,,,,,,,,,, SSSSSoooooWWWWWhhhhaaaaaattt”
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    Works good but locks up after about 10 minutes and I have to restart to get TV again. The interface is nice and you can see what's going on.

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    there is an updated version of this program now that you can have more than 1 working
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    IKSSUNS is more reliable than noi, but has only 1 p$ option for 1 box.
    I gave up on this as now my nfhd is running without the need of a computer.
    it is running through a moded x-fta router connected wireless to the main router of my lan.

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